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First Post

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I used to have a Disney blog on here. For whatever reason, I stopped updating it in 2018. Maybe I found it difficult to find new things to write about, maybe I felt I didn't have a fresh perspective or take on things, maybe I just didn't find the time to write.... even so, I wish I'd kept going. It's 2021, and if 2018 me had known what was to come in 2019, 2020, and 2021, she would have definitely put in a bit more effort to chronicle her daily life at the parks.

In 2020, after the parks opened up again after a closure, they ran lotteries for the annual passport holders. I won two dates. Then it would be another 288 days until I was able to visit again, and we have so far no news about what's going to happen to annual passes.

So I have had to fill my time with other things than Disney stuff. I've been through quite a variety of hobbies during stay at home life in 2020-2021 (everything from magic, model building, photography to stay at home workouts, skating and painting), but the two hobbies that have stayed with me have been video games and movies. While I tweet an awful lot (particularly about current interests), I've missed being able to share the things I love in long-form. Online journaling and blogging isn't really what people do anymore, but it's what I know, so I'll keep doing it.

The Disney blog is still up, accessible from the navigation menu above, and I hope to one day be able to make regular updates to that as well!