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I started thinking about what other games I could potentially see myself streaming down the line (if I still think it's fun after the first month or so of doing it...). Currently I'm streaming from an original Super Famicom through a no-brand converter/upscaler I bought at Yodobashi for like ¥4000. It looks OK after some tweaking in SLOBS. Naturally, I am looking at what other SuFami games I could stream, since I already have a setup for it. Taking inventory, I realize that I am missing a lot of the cartridges I've bought over the years. They're in storage in Norway and will need to be shipped over. Major bummer, because a few of the games I thought would make for fun, chill streams are among them.

While I wait, I thought I'd compile a little catalogue of the cartridges I currently do have access to. And I can come back and update this as needed later. These are all original Japanese cartridges. Asterisks note that I am missing the box and/or original booklet. Others are complete.

Super Famicom: