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Sneak Peek at Pixar Playtime and Heartwarming Days

posted 2018/01/09, by tofu

New Year's is over, kids are back in school, it's a great time to visit DisneySea. We're stuck between two events at the moment with nothing special going on but sneak peeks at the two spring events: Pixar Playtime and Duffy's Heartwarming Days. Both events start up on the 11th.

There were very mixed opinions online when the Pixar Playtime event was announced. I have to admit, I wasn't super thrilled, but then the pictures of the park decorations started ticking in, and I decided to reserve judgment until I'd seen it in person.

Since the event hasn't started yet, a lot of the decorations were still partially covered up today. Suggesting that they might end up adding in more playtime pieces before the event starts up proper.

Welcome banner above the entrance to Mediterranean Harbor.

Banners in different colours with the event logo all around the Mediterranean Harbor.

Making my way to American Waterfront, I noticed that New York Deli had been overtaken by Lightning McQueen. They'd even given him his own sandwich!

Lightning Sandwich, roasted pork and cheese. That's all the info the menu will give you. I can tell you, it was pretty delicious. It was topped with a sweet barbecue sauce complemented with a sour cream-like dressing, and crisp fried onions. Nice, nice.


American Waterfront has been turned into a gigantic board game with the Pixar ball (???) as a center piece. This looks a lot more jarring in pictures than it does in real life. I'm really excited to see how these decorations will be used once the event starts. The covered pieces have tickled my interest. I WANT TO PLAY SPELLING TOSS???

Love the oversized board game pieces. There are also pieces of the game board missing! The board tells you to look for the missing pieces in other parts of the park.

The food, though. I love themed food, and DisneySea has a huge menu of themed food for this event. I had to try the James P. Sullivan bun.

How could you not when it looks like this.

Peppery, chicken-y, corn-y... blue. Yup. It replaces the usual Chandu tail (which I have to admit I've never tried... hahaha). I am told this is similar in taste, but still a little different. I enjoyed it! This will most likely be my go-to snack throughout this event.

On to the next food item... that I shared with a friend, because honestly. There is TOO MUCH FOOD.

Mike dim sum, apricot Sully themed roll cake from Vulcania Restaurant

I'm pretty sure the dim sum is the exact same dim sum Vulcania served during Sea's 15th anniversary, though admittedly the Mike face suits the green focal piece better than the Goofy overlay did during the 15th. It has a nice visual impact in any case, but if I'm going back, it'll be for the roll cake.

I barely scratched the surface of the Pixar themed food this trip, I'll be working my way through it the next couple of months. The desserts all look adorable! The drinks! Oh my goshhhhh.

Cape Cod is spared the Pixar treatment, as this is home to the Heartwarming Days event. IT'S SO CUTE.


TIPPY BLUEEEE. I need to come back earlier in the day some time to get a better shot of him. This is what sneak peeks are all about. They're important for planning out the next couple of park trips.

I can't decide if these scarecrows are scary or cute.

I ended up riding Tower of Terror twice today. It's very easy to miss, because it's not really advertised or mentioned anywhere, but Tower of Terror is currently running a special version, called Level 13 . The pre-show has some additional effects, and the ride itself is more thrilling than usual. I have a love-hate relationship with this ride. I love the view, the atmosphere, the music, and the special effects (like, a lot). But I don't like being weightless between the drops. I do love this special version, though. I'll try to get some more rides in while it's still available. IF I DARE.