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Hello 2018

posted 2018/01/04, by tofu

It's January 4th, and I have now officially made my first Disneyland and DisneySea visits of 2018! My main mission for the day was to watch the New Year's greeting parade at Disneyland, but I want to try to collect all the Today guides again this year, so I needed to visit both parks.

You'd think I'd know where to go to get good pictures of parades by now, but nope. I ended up by the entrance to Westernland, which was actually a really good location, super nice backdrop since the greeting parade went around the parade route in the opposite direction than usual. The sun set behind the castle literally seconds before the parade stopped in front of me. Perfect timing, extremely tricky lighting.

The parade was led by Goofy and Max. I love their outfits!

Donald and Daisy followed in a parade car. The parade music was played by the marching band.



Minnie's kimono is gorgeous.

Apparently this is the first time Clarice has appeared in this greeting?

Super cute.

I looped around the park, and then headed over to Sea. My first park meal of 2018 was the Donald shrimp burger at Huey, Dewey and Louie's Good Time Cafe. I'd never had it before, it was nice (though not as good as the crab croquette thing they served during Halloween last year!!).

Star Tours currently running a special version because of Last Jedi. The Standby line was at 60 minutes. The decorations look nice, though.

I miss StarJets.

New Year's decorations by the entrance at land.

New Year's decorations by the entrance at sea.

My first attraction of 2018 was Sindbad's Storybook Voyage. They seated me in the middle of a boat with no one behind me! I used the opportunity to snap some pictures.

I went to see Out of Shadowland and called it a day afterwards. For future reference, row 13 seats 8-15 are great seats for this show. Have they changed the sound production or music arrangement? Something felt different, but in a good way. They're still running with the new version of the script that no longer matches the CD version of the show, hahaha. But I still enjoy it. I caught the last performance of the day, and the Yuu performer in particular was amazing.

All in all, a successful trip to the parks. I would have gone on more attractions, but both parks were incredibly busy. At least I got my main mission for the day done!