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Disney Stats for 2017

posted 2018/01/03, by tofu

Long time no post! It's a new year, and I wanted to start fresh. Let's dump all the stats.
Last year I kept track of all attractions I rode and shows I watched in a journal that I brought with me to the parks, I have a couple of ideas on how I can improve this process for this year, which makes me excited. In the meanwhile, let's look at the stats I collected in 2017!

I can't believe I rode Haunted Mansion 19 times (and that's not counting the Holiday version)!!

The spread between land and sea is also interesting, confirming that I still prefer Disneyland for solo visits. I often find DisneySea a little lonely when I'm by myself. The rides are also not as solo trip friendly, in my opinion, despite there being more single rider options than at land ....

This whole year is a bit of a blur. StarJets' last mission and Pirates Summer stand out to me as my favourite things that happened at the parks this year. StellaLou of course was also a welcome addition, though I only ever saw her greeting show once. Maybe I should make it a priority to see it a couple of times before it disappears in March.

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, partly due to lack of storage space, but that's been worked out now, so I'm ready to fill up my photo journal with new park impressions.

If any of you collect your own Disney stats I'm curious to know how you're keeping track! Keeping track during the year is easy enough, but compiling it all at the end was a mess. My journal needs some serious tweaking.
I've included the full list of stats below! How does your Disney year compare?

Disneyland Attraction Count:
Haunted Mansion: 19
Pirates of the Caribbean: 11
Space Mountain: 10
Haunted Mansion Holiday: 6
Big Thunder Mountain: 6
Country Bears: 4
Western River Railroad: 4
Snow White: 3
StarJets: 3
It's a Small World: 2
Gogo Coaster: 2
Philarmagic: 2
Roger Rabbit: 2
Splash Mountain: 2
Enchanted Tiki Room: 2
Pinocchio: 2
Peter Pan: 1
Fairy Tale Hall: 1
Castle Carousel: 1
Star Tours: 1
Winnie the Pooh: 1
Teacups: 1
Dumbo: 1 (first!)
Monsters Inc: 1

DisneySea Attraction Count:
Indiana Jones: 9
20.000 Leagues: 6
Sindbad's Storybook Voyage: 5
Journey to the Center of the Earth: 4
SeaRider: 4 (new!)
Venetian Gondolas: 3
Transit Steamer: 3
Tower of Terror: 2
Scuttle's Scooters: 2
Electric Railway: 2
Jumpin Jellyfish: 1
Toy Story Mania: 1

Shine On: 6
Usatama: 5
Electrical Parade: 5 (1 rainy day version)
Out of Shadowland: 4
Big Band Beat: 3
Fantasmic: 2
Happiness is Here: 2
Minnie Oh Minnie: 2

Other seasonal shows, seen about 1-2 times each.

Special events:
Magma Sanctum
Usatama Chase
Pirates Mystery

Donald - Woodchuck