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Pirates Summer Sneak Preview

posted 2017/07/10, by tofu

It's summer! And the pirates have taken over Tokyo DisneySea. I have no idea why, but I've been super hyped about the summer event for a while now.

The event doesn't start until tomorrow, but they were running sneak preview versions of all the pirates themed entertainment today. It'll be interesting to see what sort of adjustments (if any) they make to the entertainment options over the course of the summer!

I'm nervous about how it's going to work out with the main harbor show. They've decided to give out viewing spots for it with a lottery system. You get to enter the lottery once per day, if you lose, you won't get a good viewing spot for the show that entire day (you might not even get wet!).... which really sucks if you're visiting with a one day passport!


I can't believe my luck. It's the first time I've won any of the park lotteries with my annual pass this year. I'm extremely worried it'll be my last win....... let's hope not.

There are no designated seats. Instead, you get designated a viewing area, either Mickey Piazza, Lido Isle or in front of Zambini Brothers' restaurant. I won the opportunity to watch the show from in front of Zambini Brothers. We showed up about 20-30 minutes before show start. Front row seats were taken, but the space didn't fill up more than 3 rows deep. They're all standing spaces, we had a really good view, and I felt we got really close to the pirate dancers. We also got to see both Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa, it seems both characters visit all three viewing areas during the course of the show.

You get wet.

The show is called Pirates Summer Battle "GET WET!" so.... you.... get wet. Rumour has it that this show uses twice as much water as last year's, and... I believe it!

Hilarious aftermath is hilarious. Be sure to wrap belongings in shopping bags, rain ponchos, or other water proof materials. Wear a rain poncho to avoid the scene pictured above.

The show itself is really engaging. It's hectic, the constant water can make it difficult to follow what's actually happening, but I spent most of the show time laughing until I couldn't breathe, so it didn't really matter? The pirate dancers look amazing, they use buckets and oversized beer steins to throw water around. The pirate ships shoot water instead of cannon balls. Some jerky pirates run around with giant water hoses blasting absolutely everything in their path.
The music is a mix of themes from the films and the attraction. It might not be as catchy as regular DisneySea show music, but it's perfect for this show. It would have been very out of place with a catchy pop tune for these pirates.

I want to brave a picture or two next time. I guess if I end up going through a losing streak with the lottery, I can hang back and focus on photographing the action. The show uses the harbor area very well, there's tons going on and plenty of details I've only seen other people mention online.

I can't wait to see it again. Summer has officially begun!

Drink up me hearties, yoho!