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Disney Dranks: Teddy's Recommended Tanabata Drink

posted 2017/07/06, by tofu

The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge is hands down my favourite place to chill at Tokyo DisneySea. It's a first class lounge (piano bar style, well stocked bar too, I might add), located on board the S.S. Columbia.

In addition to your wines and your highballs and your standard long drinks, The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge also offers exclusive seasonal drinks that usually match up with the events going on elsewhere in the park (though I wouldn't blame you if you forget all about the rest of the park once you step foot inside the lounge, this place is like a world of its own).

It's the world according to Theodore Roosevelt....

Whether by the bar chatting away with classy bartenders or in front of the fireplace nursing your drink, the piano music will keep you company and help you forget your worries.

For Tanabata Days, the bartenders are serving up a fun drink in the image of the Milky Way. It contains banana liqueur, some other things, popping mango bobas, and some sort of fruit cut up into star shapes. I’d give you the exact details, but as the seasonal cocktail isn’t featured in the paper menus, and the official website only lists it as “special cocktail!”, you’ll have to make do with this. I’ll try to pay closer attention to my waitress the next time. Guess I was too excited about my drink. Because who cares what’s in it, look at it!

You're instructed to stir it to create the illusion of floating through space.

There's something wonderfully childish about having alcohol-soaked pieces of fruit and popping bobas in your drink. Also being told to stir it up with a ridiculously large spoon (which is also how I ended up eating the bobas). It felt wrong, but also very right. Who knew adult bubble tea could be a thing? Is it a thing elsewhere? It should be.

The fruit and bobas added a nice layer of texture, playfulness and flavour to the banana-flavoured drink.

There were gold stars floating on top. Because why wouldn't there be.

I swear I tried stirring it up for the pictures, but my bobas refused to cooperate and remained glued to the bottom of the glass. No matter, it’s still a visually striking drink.

The Tanabata drink (just ask for the special cocktail) is only available until July 7th. I wonder what the next seasonal drink will be like!