Musings from Mt. Prometheus

The Perks of an Annual Passport Holder

posted 2017/06/18, by tofu

So let's be clear. There are no actual perks to being an annual passport holder at Tokyo Disney Resort. You get the keys to the kingdom, and you are free to enter whenever you like. But there are no extra perks. No merchandise discounts, no early entrances or late exits, no free use of the monorail, no secret menu options, not even free bicycle parking!

But you have the keys to the kingdom.

And with that there are a plethora of possibilities to make your own perks. It only takes a little imagination.

Like, early morning breakfast dates with other AP pals. What better way to make use of your AP status than to show up for breakfast, maybe a ride or two, and then go on about your day?

Pictured above is the new breakfast set at Center Street Coffeehouse in the World Bazaar area of Tokyo Disneyland. They recently renewed their menu to include this french toast set. Center Street Coffeehouse usually requires a Priority Seating reservation, but not for breakfast! Breakfast is served until 10am, which gives you plenty of time if you show up when the park opens.

The set comes with a cup of müesli yoghurt with fresh fruit, and free choice of drink (I recommend the coffee, which is served as black as your soul). The french toast were just right, not soggy, not dry, but just right. They were nicely sweetened, and served hot enough to melt the piece of white chocolate (Minnie's bow) so that you could use it as a spread. The berry dipping sauce on the plate offered some tartness to balance off the sweet. We were of course also given tiny mugs of syrup to drown our french toast in, if that's what we preferred. I think I liked the chocolate spread the best.

This french toast set was absolutely fantastic. I catch myself thinking about it frequently, especially on the days where all I have available for breakfast at home are sad-looking pieces of open cheese sandwiches....

I have to go back. And thankfully, with my AP, I can go whenever the fancy strikes me.