Musings from Mt. Prometheus

A Different Kind of Park Experience

posted 2017/04/12, by tofu

I do these things, so you don't have to.

My mom decided to come over on a surprise visit for Easter. She doesn't speak any Japanese, in fact, she barely speaks any English. She brought along a friend to help her navigate, his English isn't really any better, but at least they're in it together?

Anyway, my mom really wanted to go to Disneyland with me! How sweet! Apparently her friend had visited the parks in the US, and wanted to join us to compare the parks! He talked them into buying two-day passports! On their day of arrival! For the two next days! That's hardcore level park hopping. A Disney fan? I never coined him as such. I was excited.

And was soon let down. It turns out his idea of visiting a place is to go see it, take a picture, and then leave. Had it been up to him, he would have been back out the gates after maybe an hour. He also continued to make fun of decorations, characters, and merchandise! I was determined to soldier on through it and make sure me and my mom still had a good day at the park.


I truly saw this as a test of my park skills and know-how. This was my mom's third visit, so I tried to let her guide us to the places she was interested in. But I took over at times to make sure we caught parades and attractions I thought we (well, at least me and my mom) would all enjoy. In the end, it was a fairly successful day. Unfortunately, it started raining a little in the evening, so Electrical Parade got cancelled (it was the one thing my mom was super hyped to see, so of course it got cancelled). We watched the rainy day greeting and called it a day.

They're going to be on their own at Tokyo DisneySea tomorrow. I'm curious to hear how they did!