Musings from Mt. Prometheus

Yoghurt Mousse Cake

posted 2017/04/03, by tofu

Let me take you on a journey to a galaxy far, far away.... but let's swing by Plazma Ray's first.

Plazma Ray's Diner opened March 25th, replacing Tomorrowland's Plaza Restaurant. To be honest, I was never a huge fan of Plaza Restaurant. The food sets were perhaps the cheapest in the park, but the restaurant was always crowded, the open space and chaotic table layout made the restaurant a lot noisier than it needed to be. Families would occupy the tables for what seemed like forever, it was not uncommon to see people sit on the floor and eat their food (especially during summer) .....

So I was excited about the upgrade.

I'll skip the talk about the decor and space, and jump straight ahead to my favourite thing on the new menu. The very anonymously named Yoghurt Mousse Cake. That's all the info you get.

Which is a little strange, considering the fact that it tastes nothing like yoghurt, and it looks like this.

Now that's what I call an impact.

This is literally an edible artwork depicting a rocket blasting off into space. I'm pretty sure it's Tokyo Disneyland's most visually striking dessert item at the moment (though I'd be happy to be challenged on this!). And it's only ¥380!

I was a little apprehensive about ordering it. In fact, my friend ordered it for us to share. In case we didn't like it. Because, honestly, "yoghurt mousse cake" doesn't really sound all that appealing. So what did it taste like? It was a lot lighter than expected. The mousse was set on top a super moist sponge layer that practically melted in my mouth. The yoghurt mousse wasn't sour, like I thought it would be, it was more on the sweet side. There was a fruity flavour to the blue glaze, and an orange fruity jelly filling too. The rocket and yellow stars are made of white chocolate, everything is edible.

What makes this dessert even stranger, is how it clashes with everything else on the menu. It gives me hope about the diner, though. Hopefully future menus will steer more in this direction.